Tough, but true.

Tough, but true.

I just held a small workshop where the theme was: I need to get motivated! Everyone agreed that they had all these great ideas in their head, but getting them on the page was proving difficult. Someone even shared how an idea they had been musing over was “taken” by someone else and made into a movie. That’s happened to me too. (Sunshine Cleaning – that was MY idea!)
But I couldn’t hate the producers of that movie, no matter how much I wanted to. Great ideas do not belong to just the privileged few. Everyone has them everyday, a thousands times a day. What separates the dreamers from the doers is action.
For writers that means, butt in the chair, goals and deadlines. And a lot of self discipline. A lot.
Sorry, folks. No great secret here. Just basic stuff. Which is both good and bad. Good because, Hey! It’s not rocket science; anybody can do this.
Bad because, Hey! It’s not rocket science; anybody can do this.
In the end, we may have no good excuses to offer. Just the sad fact that we choose not to act, not to follow through, not to follow that dream.
Take a risk. Write your story. Explore your creativity, however it comes to you. Don’t let the constraints of time hold you back. The time is going to past whether you do it or not. I’d rather look back and say, yeah, I did it.
Wouldn’t you?
Keep writing, keep believing and keep in touch.


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